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The post earlier this week was my 60th entry as The Job Stalker, and when I signed up for this gig I never anticipated that I’d be still out of work at this point!  As I’ve noted, things have been up and down, with periods of a lot of hope (and interviews) and periods where I can’t seem to get anything moving.  Unfortunately, this past week has been one of the latter, and (for the first time in months) I didn’t even have a single networking event set up.

Those who read my personal blog know that I’ve also been fighting with a lot of the mental pressures that being in a seemingly endless job search brings.  There are times when one wonders if the Universe isn’t snickering at some cosmic “kick me” sign sneaked onto one’s existence, as one reaches a point where there doesn’t seem to be any use in bothering to send out resumes (and I’ve gotten out more than 80 so far in April!).

Anyway, somewhat like Arjuna at Kurukshetra, I follow my situational karma and keep plugging away, since that seems to be the only responsible thing for me to do.  After all, it only takes one successful application to make me no longer unemployed, and I never can tell which resume might end up being the start of that.

On the Twitter reading front, this was a far more “typical” week, with a lot of good stuff coming through in the early part, and then a few showing up late.  One of these is interesting in that is has a list of legitimate work-at-home jobs, a couple (as a writer) I’m currently looking at for bringing in some income.  On the flip side of that is a piece warning about scam “jobs” out there which you really want to avoid!  Hope you find these helpful:

• Career Advice – Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Interviews, and Tips for Career Success

• Ten Things Human Resources Won’t Tell You

• 10 “Must Use” Websites For Your Job Search!!!

• Why You Should Be Using Twitter in Your Job Search

• Is Invisibility Killing Your Career?

• 5 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Today

• How to Avoid Internet Job Fraud

• How to Deal With Stress During Unemployment/Job Search

• Follow Up Letters After a Rejection

• How to use social media to look for a job

• 7 Reasons Employers Will Hire You

• Contracting – Your Career Solution?

• The 11 Keys to Success

As always, I’ve pulled this week’s bunch of links into the ever-expanding “big list o’links”, which is now up to fourteen pages worth … the downloadable file is here: 


  for you to browse through at your leisure.

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