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OK, so this is the sort of irritation I don’t need on top of … well, all the stress involved in being in a seemingly unending job search!  Grrrrr.  As regular readers of this space know, I try to bring you some sort of a book review (preferably with a little author interview) on Mondays.  A while back I’d been contacted by the PR folks for Harvey Mackay’s publisher asking if I’d be interested in getting a copy of his new book for review.  I said “sure” and had really pushed through reading it so that I might have it ready to feature in today’s post.  I’d been assured that my little 8-question e-mail interview would be good-to-go by last Friday, but then heard (on Friday) that this might be a problem.  We’re still waiting to hear if this was a problem for getting it done last week or if it isn’t going to be forthcoming at all.  

However, as Mackay’s new book is so chock full of useful info I figured that I’d put off writing the review for a few days (I didn’t see any reason to rush into that for today) and feature some other info here.  Since Monday is “book day” around The Job Stalker I thought I’d take the opportunity to pass along a list of books that Mackay had pulled together as key resources for the job search.  Frankly, I’m only familiar with a couple of these, so I have nothing much to offer other than the list itself.  In his book, Mackay has a half a page or so of commentary on each of these, but (for the sake of brevity), I’m just giving you the basic info (below the cut).

                    THE MACKAY LUCKY 13
                    “A List of Life-Changing Books”

                    What Color Is Your Parachute?
                    by Richard N. Bolles
                    Ten Speed Press
                    $18.95 paperback

                    You, Inc.
                    by Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Beckwith
                    Business Plus
                    $23.99 hardcover

                    If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going,
                    You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else
                    by David P. Campbell
                    Sorin Books
                    $10.95 paperback

                    60 Second & You’re Hired!
                    by Robin Ryan
                    Penguin Books
                    $15.00 paperback

                    The Right Job, Right Now
                    by Susan D. Strayer, S.P.H.R.
                    St. Martin’s Griffin
                    $15.95 paperback

                    Finding Your Perfect Work
                    by Paul and Sarah Edwards
                    Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam
                    $16.95 paperback

                    Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?
                    by Ellen Gordon Reeves
                    Workman Publishing
                    $13.95 paperback

                    In Search of the Perfect Job
                    by Clyde C. Lowstuter (with Cammen B. Lowstuter)
                    $19.95 paperback

                    Highly Effective Networking
                    by Orville Pierson
                    Career Press
                    $15.99 paperback

                    Do What You Are
                    by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger
                    Little, Brown and Company
                    $18.99 paperback

                    Crash Course in Finding The Work You Love
                    by Samuel Greengard
                    $14.95 paperback

                    Knock ’em Dead
                    by Martin Yate, C.P.C.
                    Adams Media
                    $14.95 paperback

                    Getting the Job You Really Want
                    by Michael Farr
                    JIST Works
                    $14.95 paperback

The author claims that he “consulted head-hunters, human resource managers, recruiters, job hunters, and bookstores” to get suggestions that he reviewed and eventually compiled into this list, so I suspect that this could be useful to you!

Again, I’ll be covering Mackay’s book
in the next week or so (next Monday if the interview isn’t happening at
all, and “as soon as possible” if the interview is simply delayed), so
more details on that will be coming soon. 

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