Never enough hours in the day ...

It’s a sad commentary on how brutal the job search has become, but I’m aching to get a job just so that I have some time off.  Admittedly, I’m probably more “obsessive” about this than the average guy, but I fill very nearly every waking hour with something related to the job search … be it reading books relating to “my industry” (as wide ranging and nebulous as that concept is in my case), churning through Twitter posts, doing pro bono or “on spec” projects that will hopefully lead to something eventually, or going off to networking events.

One of the things that many of the “job search guidance” books point out is “making time for yourself”, but if I’m not working towards finding a job, I feel like I’m “slacking off” and that, if the worst of the nightmare scenarios facing my family come to pass, I would spend years torturing myself with the thought that if I could have just put in a few more hours a day, I would have found a job that would have staved off a personal Armageddon!

Things conspired, however, to have me actually have a little time off tonight.  The folks over at WunderLand (a local recruiter that I’ve gotten to know via various MeetUp events) ran a contest in their Twitter with the prizes being tickets to the opening night 3D showing of the new Alice in Wonderland (see how that works) film, and I won a pair.  I had been scheduled to go to an EventBrite function being hosted by “Me2.0” author Dan Schawbel at about the same time, but I figured I’d take my elder daughter to see the movie, drop her back at home, and still make the tail end of Dan’s event (it’s scheduled to run from 9pm till 2am … caffeine is my friend).

Anyway, the point I’m making here is that I’ve spent many hours filtering through the “noise” to bring you the “signal” of what seems to me to be useful stuff that’s shown up on Twitter this week … here’s this week’s list, all pre-digested and ready for clicking, as always,  I hope you find them helpful …

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Hope these give you some good tips … click here for this week’s “big list” 


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