Jobs? What Jobs?

I tell ya, “the job search ain’t for sissies!” that’s for sure.  Just this week I saw a Tweet from the previous holder of this blogging assignment, where she was pointing to an article: “Illinois unemployment soars to 12.2% in January” – which details how the current State unemployment rate was the highest in 27 years and how the Chicago area had lost 150,000 jobs.

Needless to say, this is very depressing news for those of us in the job hunt.  Day in and day out we’re churning through the listings, networking ourselves to the point of exhaustion, putting in more hours looking for work than we would likely be logging were we in a job, with what to show for it?  Me, I’m in my 10th month looking for work.  Admittedly, things have picked up since the start of the year, but I’ve still, over all that time, had only 3 face-to-face interviews and maybe seven or eight phone interviews.  Some days it’s hard to not feel doomed.

It really makes you wonder if what you know, what you have your background in, is the right thing … after all, you should be attractive to employers in that area, right?  I recently came across a couple of things which listed jobs in various industries.  First of all is the “Top 100 Jobs List” from … a couple of my previous job titles were on this list, but most of it was terra incognita.  What should I be doing?  Some times it feels like one’s back to being 8 years old and  asking oneself what one wants to be when one grows up!

Secondly, there’s this interesting chart:

Click on the thumbnail or here to see the full-sized original.  This graphs out the “Best Jobs In America”, with median salary, top pay, and number of positions detailed.  These, I assume, were rated on multi-dimensional scale where the color figures represent the highest rating of each measurement … highest paid salary, highest median salary, most flexibility, most satisfaction, benefit to society, highest job growth, highest low stress, most security, and  future growth.  I guess if you really want to make the big bucks, you need to go back to school and become an anesthesiologist (with the #1 job being a “systems engineer”). One of the other interesting things here is the demographic info … we certainly have a skewed view of things living in an urban center like Chicago.

Anyway, I wish I had a good “here’s what you do to keep your spirits up in the face of grim news” suggestion, but I haven’t run across anything recently along those lines that would be worth passing along in here.  From where I sit, it’s a “numbers game”, figuring that if I get out enough resumes they’ll eventually create enough interviews, which will some day result in a job offer.  That and slogging out at least twice a week for networking events.

How do you keep positive in the job search?  I’d love to hear!

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