When it rains, it pours ...

I’m sorry, my Chicago Now readers, that The Job Stalker has been so silent over the past few weeks.  While I had planned on a somewhat attenuated posting schedule over the holidays, I had not counted on the now-fatal computer crash that happened in the wee small hours of 12/30 … something which I’ve been now dealing with for two weeks (with things getting worse rather than better).  I had, fortunately, been able to retrieve some files from that last week, but today, I was faced with a totally dead HD, putting an end to the delusion that I’d had about coaxing out the last bits of FireFox and ThunderBird storage from December before doing a “nuclear option” factory restore.   In fact, as far as I can ascertain, the current drive is sufficiently “toast” that I’m having to just replace it. I “bit the bullet” and ordered a new drive today, which will hopefully mean that I’ll have it by the end of the week, have the system restored soon after, and then maybe be able to convince the back-up that I’d made to the full drive onto an external drive to re-install itself in a nice functional replication of how my computer was before all this unpleasantness came along.

Now, as I had previously noted, I have not been computerless over the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been on a cobbled-together system far slower and less capable than the one I’ve been used to, and this has made it very difficult for me to do the usual research multi-tasking that has produced what I’d been bringing you in terms of links, stories, etc.  I even gave up reading Twitter for the past week as I was simply unable to “stack up” job leads, interesting articles, etc. the way that I typically do!

But wait – there’s more!  I don’t know if it was the stress of dealing with the computer system, or the poorly-considered use of a only hand-rinsed coffee cup at a TV studio up in Evanston last Monday, but I got slammed with one of the nastiest cold/flu bugs that I’ve had in quite a while.  This came out of nowhere, starting with a tickle in the throat (that none of four different types of lozenge that were lying around the house would calm) on Tuesday, and turned into sick-sick-sick by Wednesday afternoon.  I had appointments that I could not easily get out of on both Wednesday and Thursday, fought through those, and pretty much was in bed through the weekend.

So, what’s the message here?  Aside from saying “sorry to be absent” there’s the issue of just “pushing through”.  On Wednesday I had a former client that I was showing the TV project in Evanston (which arose largely out of a concept we’d pitched his company last year, and they are now re-considering it), and on Thursday morning I had an interview with two partners at an agency that I’ve been very interested in working with and have been pursuing for months.  Not that I advocate pointedly running around while sick, there are times where one’s physical comfort needs to take a back seat to the Job Search.  Also, when you find you can’t do your “usual stuff”, take a look at what you can do … when I was unable to churn through Twitter like I have been, I turned around and started to do some additional connection work on LinkedIn … renewing some contacts made in the fall and following up on several possible projects that had been left hanging previously.  There’s always something you can do … if nothing else, head to the library and catch up on some of those career guidance books you’ve been meaning to get to!

Again, I’m hoping to be back to having something very close to my old computer system running by the weekend, so I’ll be back to providing some of the info that I’ve been meaning to get out.  Also, I’m in the midst of reading several new books and hope to have some reviews/interviews for you by as soon at next week.

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