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No, I didn’t suddenly find funds to go off on a vacation … my computer, my lifeline to the Internet, my virtual office, my communications mode, the place where I LIVE, died on me last week.  I’d been “having issues” with it for a month or so, but (as is the case with most in-search-of-employment folks) was willing to deal with the quirks it had developed (inexplicably doing a “blue screen of death” reboot every 8-12 hours) rather than spending money that I didn’t have to get somebody to take a look at it.  Unfortunately, about 3am on Wednesday morning, it did one of its reboots … but would not successfully get back into Windows.   I have since been trying to “deal”, dragging out an old (yet still functional) computer, and trying to figure out what to do about the files and programs locked away on the other machine.  An on-line friend suggested downloading Ubuntu Linux, burning a boot CD for that and starting up up under a run-time instance of that … it worked well enough that I was able to rescue my files (such as my “TheJobStalker” folder!).

Needless to say, this “reading for the week” update was supposed to have been Friday’s update, but I’ve been fighting through this bit of chaos, and only now have access to the file where I drop these links.  There a somewhat fewer than usual this week (since I didn’t have access for two days’ worth of reading), but at least they didn’t totally disappear into the aether.

Hope you find these useful …

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• Tips For Job Interview Success – Leverage Your Results With the Thank You Note

I have a couple of things I’m working on for next week, but I beg your indulgence if I’m a bit thin on content here for a while until I’m back to having a fully functioning (current technology) computer.

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