Some VERY good news ...

As I noted at the end of my last post, there is some “better” news to report today.  This is an amazing “mash-up” of two very useful Twitter-centered programs, TweetDeck and TwitterJobSearch, the former being a desktop Twitter manager, and the latter a site which scours Twitter for any and all job listings.  The new desktop client is called JobDeck, and it looks to be an awesome way of doing what I’ve been doing “manually” with the Twitter web interface!


I have not had a chance to check this out as yet (it was just unveiled yesterday), but I’d dabbled with TweetDeck previously, and have been meaning to port my Twitter efforts (now that I’m following as many as 500 Twitterers) over to it or the web-based HootSuite.

I expect that other (such as HootSuite) will eventually come out with similar products to JobDeck, but right now I think it’s not exaggerating that having JobDeck in your job search tools is almost essential, given how much of the data stream is moving to Twitter!

Again, what I’ve been doing with “massive efforts” via the basic Twitter web interface can now be largely automated (if I’m reading the press on this right) with JobDeck.  As I’ve noted, I get from 5 to 12 resumes out a day from what I’ve been finding on Twitter, and this has the potential of doing the same for you in your job search.  Although I’ve not had a chance to even download this yet, I feel pretty confident in highly recommending your getting this set up on your computer.  For more information, check out these articles by TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb.

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