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The past couple of weeks have offered pretty solid networking opportunities, with many events available.  As I’ve noted, I try to hit at least 2 events per week, and try to do no more than 4 (exhaustion sets in eventually!), and here in Chicago (at least in my niche) that’s an easy target to make.  What’s difficult these days is that some nights (like this past Thursday) there were at least three events that I would have benefited attending.  I ended up at the Social Media Breakfast on Tuesday, a Publicity Club of Chicago tweet-up on Wednesday, and the monthly Social Media Club event last night.  Again, there are literally hundreds of events happening every week, and every job seeker should get in the habit of checking, Googling for your particular job-search area along with “event” or “meeting”, and digging up info on the appropriate industry groups and following their calendars.

Anyway, I’m way behind on getting out resumes this week due to the non-computer time invested in that, and there are a few less links here than there have been recently for the same reason.  I have two good features coming up for next week (an author interview and another “tip” from my own school of hard knocks), so you have that to look forward to.  Speaking of “good news” (the title of the previous post), I had a phone interview earlier this week, and a call to set up another phone interview for next week (both of which for very cool jobs, too), so maybe this long log-jam on hiring is starting to break, and I might get actually be getting work sometime in the foreseeable future.

I’ve been keeping a document with all the links I’ve presented here (largely so that I don’t end up repeating any), and I was wondering if there was any interest in having that available as a resource.  The links I bring to you on Friday, as I’ve previously discussed, are the product of my own on-going research on the web (primarily on Twitter), and are, generally speaking, presented in simple chronological order of when I encountered them.  If there was a desire on the readership’s part for my setting up a downloadable file that I could keep available here, I’d figure out a way to make that happen, as I came to realize that the list (which currently runs more than six pages) is starting to be a pretty valuable repository of a whole lot of job-stalking information!  Let me know one way or the other in the comments if you care about that.  In the meanwhile, here are this week’s batch of links … hope you find them useful …

• Best Job Search Advice on the Internet

• The Top 10 Job-Search Personal Branding Mistakes

• Job Seeker: Give The People What They Want

• Your 5 Step Recipe for a Memorable Job Search Message

• Search For Perfect Fit May Hurt Job Seekers And Employers

• Fired–But Not Finished: Your Job Ends, Your New Life Begins

• Lifting the Curtain on the Hiring Process

• 10 Tips to Landing a Job

• 4 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

• 5 Tips to Communicate More Effectively

• A ‘Fair’ Surprise

• How the Royal Wave Can Lead to a Job Offer

• Social media can be a job-hunter’s friend

• Don’t let your job desperation show

• Job Search Tips for Those Unlisted Jobs

• Finding Work that Will Embrace the Real You

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