Another week's research ...

Sorry for the paucity of posts over the past couple of weeks, but I’m still dealing with computer issues, which has slowed me down on all fronts (using my current “jerry rigged” system is a bit like trying to run through chest-high surf compared to using my currently dead main system!).  I had hoped to have had the new hard drive I ordered last week but it didn’t get here until this past Thursday, and I’ve had no free time to dedicate to getting that fixed up due to a rather aggressive networking schedule this week.

Speaking of which, additional apologies for this “research dump” sliding off of Friday, but I was swamped yesterday and then had a Tweet-up that took me out of the house from the late afternoon till about 9pm, and I fell asleep at the keyboard before getting this done!

I had somebody ask about these weekly links (and why they should care about them), and thought I’d address that here.  As those who’ve been reading The Job Stalker under my tenure know that I have concentrated most of my job search on the Internet and various “social media” sites, especially Twitter.  I follow quite a number of “job industry” feeds there, from job boards to “career consultants” to assorted industry bloggers writing on the subject.  In a typical day, I am likely to spend 6-10 hours reading every post by every person I follow (every day).  From my perspective, this is great because I tend to find at least 5 job possibilities per day to shoot resumes out at, but it also puts a ton of articles in front of me, the best of which I copy to a NotePad file on my desktop for sharing here.  In other words, what you’re seeing in these end-of-the-week link dumps is the “cream of the crop” of what I’ve read in 40-70 hours of research.

I’m hoping to have my “real” computer back in service by next week and will be posting more frequently than I have while struggling with “technical difficulties”.  In the meanwhile, here are this week’s batch of links … hope you find them useful …

• Should You Consider Non-Profits?

• 15 Ways To Blow Your Job Interview

• Employers Optimistic About Hiring in 2010

• 7 Lessons for Better Networking with Social Media

• Preparing for an interview is kind of like getting ready for a date.

• Change Your POV & Change Your Life

• Job Seekers – Twitter WILL Help your Job Search

• Top 10 Job Hunting Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned, Part One

• The Top 10 Job Hunting Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned, Part Two

• Help for job seekers in a rut

• 9 Tips For Getting Good Career Advice

• Feel Like Giving Up on Your Job Search?

• Five Steps to Your Next Job

• Cover Letters – The Icing on the Cake

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