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Reading & Networking ... / CC BY 2.0 The past couple of weeks have offered pretty solid networking opportunities, with many events available.  As I’ve noted, I try to hit at least 2 events per week, and try to do no more than 4 (exhaustion sets in eventually!), and here in Chicago (at least in my niche) that’s... Read more »

Some VERY good news ...

As I noted at the end of my last post, there is some “better” news to report today.  This is an amazing “mash-up” of two very useful Twitter-centered programs, TweetDeck and TwitterJobSearch, the former being a desktop Twitter manager, and the latter a site which scours Twitter for any and all job listings.  The new... Read more »

On-Line Robbery ... / CC BY 2.0 Hey, The Job Stalker readers … hope your job search is going better than mine has been.  I knew that when I took on this assignment it would have its ups and downs, after all, it is predicated on the basis that its writer is both unemployed and looking for... Read more »

Another week's research ...

Sorry for the paucity of posts over the past couple of weeks, but I’m still dealing with computer issues, which has slowed me down on all fronts (using my current “jerry rigged” system is a bit like trying to run through chest-high surf compared to using my currently dead main system!).  I had hoped to... Read more »

If you won't take GOOD advice ...

As anybody reading this space with any frequency knows, I spend a vast amount of time “mining Twitter” for job leads, contacts, and those links that I share with readers on Fridays.  Ever since I started to pass along my book reviews here, I’ve been getting a bit of a “buzz” on Twitter, with folks... Read more »

Struggling back ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 Still fighting with the dread “dead computer” issues here … have a new hard drive coming (hopefully today) for my main computer, and still scraping along with an old jerry-rigged system at the moment.  While very frustrating (I’m used to fairly intense multi-tasking that my current system just is not... Read more »

When it rains, it pours ... / CC BY 2.0 I’m sorry, my Chicago Now readers, that The Job Stalker has been so silent over the past few weeks.  While I had planned on a somewhat attenuated posting schedule over the holidays, I had not counted on the now-fatal computer crash that happened in the wee small hours of 12/30... Read more »

A guest entry of sorts ...

So, there I was, surfing around through the Twitter stream, and came across a piece, 20 Tips for a Positive New Year, and I thought it was so good that I wanted to pass it along to my readers, in whole, rather than just as a suggested link.  Fortunately, I was able to get a... Read more »

Well, THAT was ugly ...

Did you miss me? More old books… by guldfisken via FlickrImage is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution license. No, I didn’t suddenly find funds to go off on a vacation … my computer, my lifeline to the Internet, my virtual office, my communications mode, the place where I LIVE, died on me last week. ... Read more »