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This morning I headed out into the snow for another appearance on the Chicago Now radio show down at the WGN-AM studios at the Tribune Tower.  I was pleased to have been asked back so soon, and it appears that the reason they had me back on is that they’re experimenting with pairing up the authors of related blogs in order to get a bit more of a mix of outlooks.  Today I was on with Ron Culp who writes the Hire Learning blog here, which concentrates on advice for new job seekers from the company side of things.

I was once again amazed at the job that host Bill Leff does in keeping the program fresh, focused, and flowing, given the stream of guests.  The show runs for four hours, and features eight half-hour segments, each of which features a different blogger (or bloggers), with various subject areas, backgrounds, and quirks … and Leff is able to weave this all into a coherent whole.  Having “done radio” back in the day, I realize what a challenging task that can be, and am impressed with the product that he and the WGN-AM staff are producing with the Chicago Now program!

Anyway, I thought this morning’s interview went quite well, with both Ron Culp and I getting to address several significant questions from our perspectives, and even fielding a listener’s call which opened the door to some solid conversation.

Here’s the direct link to the podcast page:

12/26/09 — “The Job Stalker” & “Hire Learning”

And here’s the link to the main page

Given that there are 150+ blogs on the Chicago Now site, I feel a bit guilty  in hoping that I’ll be asked back more frequently, but I certainly enjoy doing these radio interviews, and I hope they keep having me (and Mr. Culp, as the combination seemed to work quite well), on the show!

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