HO, HO, HOliday reading ...

You didn’t think I’d forget passing along my collected reading from the week to you, did you?  Frankly, I’d anticipated having a fairly short list this week, but I kept running across articles/posts that seemed like they’d be helpful, and ended up with about as many as ever.

One thing that was down for me this week was job openings on the web, I only have 20 stacked up in my browser’s tab bar for the past five days, and I’d typically have 2-3 times that (which is not to say that I’d be getting out 40-60 resumes over a 5-day period … I probably only submit applications to 40% of what I initially think might be plausible gigs).

I’ve been surprised that the assorted job boards that feed into Twitter have shown little slowing down over the holiday week (which is why I try to read every tweet every day of every account that I “follow” … you never know what might be coming through!); it’s just that there haven’t been as many in my own particular niche.  Again, I highly recommend getting set up with Twitter, finding the right feeds for what you’re looking for, and be disciplined on keeping up on those … it’s the single highest-volume source I’ve encountered for seeing what’s out there!

Anyway, I’m hoping that you and yours are having a pleasant holiday … and suggest that you’ll feel a lot more “productive” if you check these links out over the course of the weekend:

• Handling Gaps in Your Resume During a Job Search

• The Introvert’s Guide to Landing a New Job

• Networking: What To Say

• Use parties and other festive opportunities to your advantage for job hunting

• 4 Reasons To Hit The Books While Job Hunting

• Tips for getting through the holidays without a paycheck

• How to Twitter Your Way to a Job

• My secret: How I found THREE jobs

• Breaking Through Networking Stigmas

• Nervous about interviewing? Remember these 3 basics for a successful job interview.

• RESOLVED: This year I will find the job I really want

• Labor Data Show Surge in Hiring of Temp Workers

• Targeting Companies for a Job in 5 Steps!

• Holiday Networking Leads to the Hidden Job Market

• Vital Tips that can help you impress the Interviewer

• 10 biggest job interview blunders

• Do You Really HAVE to Network for Your Job Search?

NOTE: I’ve been invited back to the Chicago Now radio show this weekend.  They’ve paired me up with Ron Culp, who writes the Hire Learning blog here, so I’m guessing we’re going to be discussing the job search from both sides of the table.  The show’s live at 10am on Saturday, but will be available as a podcast afterward.

I’ll have another “job search” author interview up on Monday (got the questionnaire back yesterday), so  you’ll have that to look forward to …  see you then.

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