Gratitude - sometimes the hardest attitude ...

Ho, ho, ho, and all that.  Being out of work and broke is never fun, but it especially weighs on one during The Holidays.  As a Father (and supposed “bread winner”), it’s particularly hard to avoid feelings that one is a failure, and “destroying the kids’ lives” by one’s inability to land a job.  If one’s history involves many years of high-salary positions, it’s likewise likely to find it depressing to have primarily “dollar store” gifts under the tree.


However, this sort of negativity is never useful.  Self-pity is the enemy of activity, and one needs to keep actively searching for that job (as noted in many of the articles linked from this space in the past few weeks, even, or especially, over the holidays).  If one reads the “intention” / “attraction” material out there, one of the key psychological and/or attitudinal aspects is developing and maintaining a sense of gratitude towards The Universe.

In our current society it’s very easy
to forget how easy most of us have it, even under the most trying
(within context) of conditions, when compared to much of the world
today.  What is characterized as “poverty” in modern American society
would be “living in luxury” in many cultures around the globe.  And
even the most financially challenged of us have available resources in
terms of education, information, and entertainment which would have
been the envy of Kings over much of history.

I am encouraging
all of my fellow job seekers out there to keep these thoughts in mind
as we try to make the best of our current situations in making this
holiday season the happiest we can for our families.  We have so much to be grateful for, and keeping that gratitude in our hearts can only help what we manifest in our lives.

thankful for what you have … those of us with our health, with our
family, and still being able to keep a roof over our heads, need to
actively generate a heartfelt sense of gratitude for these things, as
acting from a place of gratefulness for what is in our lives does seem
to open the door for more opportunities.

Wishing everybody out there a happy holiday!


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  • Each day when the sun rises, I am given a choice about how I am going to live that day. Will I allow myself to be grateful for what I have and make the most of it, or will I dwell in the nadir of despair, and allow it to pull me into the belief that whatever I might want to happen just can

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