A weekend's worth of links ...

It’s been a very busy week … I’ve been off to networking events almost every night, with some daytime activities thrown in as well, but I’ve still been plowing through the internet (primarily via Twitter), finding job openings and lots and lots of interesting articles, posts, and features.

I did get some good news on my job search, by the way … a resume that I sent out a week ago Monday resulted in a phone interview that Wednesday, an exchange of some information (they needed to see writing samples, etc.), and I’m scheduled for an actual in-person interview next week!  Needless to say, this might explain why there are several “what to do at an interview” pieces in the following links, but I figured that this was all useful stuff to pass along to The Job Stalker readers.

Do you want to hear me on the radio?  I was excited to be invited to appear on WGN-AM’s ChicagoNow show, which features bloggers from this site.  According to the schedule on WGNradio.com I’m going to be on around 11am this Saturday.  Tune in if you want to hear the voice behind the words here.

Anyway, here are the most useful links I’ve culled from the web this week:

• Best time to get a job

• Can You Afford to Hibernate?

• Network Your Way to a New Job

• Job losses slow enormously

• Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

• Why Isn’t Social Media Getting Me a Job?!?


• Jobless during the holidays? There is hope.

• How to Answer the “Weakness” Question During a Job Interview

• ‘Net working

• Creating a Quality Personal Brand

• Why You’ve Gone on a Dozen Interviews and Were Not Hired

• Passion or Money? You Choose.

• How to Find Your Job with LinkedIn

• The New Resume Rules: What’s In and What’s Out

• A tale of two interview mistakes

• Job Interview Body Language – The 7 Most Essential Skills

• Want a six-figure salary? Try the federal government

… hope these are helpful!


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  • Brendan-

    Great compilation of useful sites for job seekers. Thanks for sharing.

    Adam Waid

  • In reply to awaid:

    Thanks! I read a vast lot of stuff during the course of a week and try to pull out the bits that I think will be most useful to The Job Stalker readers ... always good to hear that they're appreciated!

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