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As noted previously, I probably spend six hours a day catching up with my Twitter feed.  I have tried to keep my “follow” list somewhat under control, but it has grown rather quickly, and I’m currently reading over 400 users’ comments there (and, I do actually read all of those, which is why I end up re-following only about 1 in 5 of folks who follow my personal Twitter stream … I’m a bit more flexible @TheJobStalker, though, only not following the most blatantly scammy folks).

As my current “job” is looking for a job, my obvious main goal in all this is to find the postings of plausible openings for my background and skill sets.  However, in the course of reading through all that stuff, I also end up “tucking away” interesting articles in the tab bar of the browser that I use for reading Twitter.  Many of these are “industry specific”, and, while quite useful for me in a “continuing education” way, they’re not things that are likely to be of interest to a wide audience, but there are ones about the job search which come up, and I’ve started saving those to share with “The Job Stalker” readers.

It occurred to me that making a “sharing the links” post for the weekend would provide a certain structure to the week in here … and making it easier to “keep up with” (if that became a concern) than if I was dribbling them out with my on-going postings.

Here are a list of links that I’ve accumulated over this first week:

• Holiday Job Hunting Can Reap Rewards

• The one interview question many dread

• Modifying Expectations During a Long Job Search

• 4 De-Stressing Tips for Your Job Search

• 5 Ways Social Media Gives Job Seekers an Advantage in a Recession

• Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers

• The Pros and Cons of Consulting during Job Search

• Resume Checklist

• More Resume Tips from the Experts

• How to Post Your Resume Online

I hope you’ll find these useful, or at least interesting!  I’ll be back with more regular info next week … enjoy the weekend.

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