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An important networking tool ...

In the course of my various job searches over the past decade, I’d spent a goodly amount of time and money working with “career management” groups which never quite seemed to manage getting me placed in a job.  However, I did pick up a couple of very useful tools from these folks, and will be... Read more »

Your holiday reading ... / CC BY 2.0 One of the features that I’ve planned for The Job Stalker is a weekly round-up of interesting articles that I’ve come across relating to the job search.  It’s my intent that this will be a regular Friday  feature, but with getting things geared up here last week, the first of... Read more »

Ya gotta get out there ...

So, it’s a holiday week … and not all that much is happening on the “standard” networking calendar … but I wanted to do a post about the importance of networking.  Last night I was off at the “Tweetsgiving” event being hosted by Mark Carter of Networking for a Cause and Veronica Ludwig of 3... Read more »

Whew ...

This was quite the weekend!  Due to the start of my taking over “The Job Stalker” last week, and the various things I was doing to get things prepared and rolling with this, I got a bit “off my schedule” and had a substantial back-log of job possibilities “stacked up” in my browser’s tab bar... Read more »

Some weekend reading ... / CC BY 2.0 As noted previously, I probably spend six hours a day catching up with my Twitter feed.  I have tried to keep my “follow” list somewhat under control, but it has grown rather quickly, and I’m currently reading over 400 users’ comments there (and, I do actually read all of those,... Read more »

Some context, and places to start ...

Everybody’s job search is different, because (obviously) everybody has different skills, experience, and background, let alone the wide range of different industries and businesses that are out there. / CC BY 2.0 As I’m new to being “The Job Stalker”, I thought it would be useful to talk a bit about where I’m coming... Read more »

Let's get this started, shall we? / CC BY 2.0 Well … as observant readers may have noticed, it’s been nearly a month since I penned my “introductory post” as The Job Stalker, although that and this should be both making their first appearances today. Due to the delay in having this blog updating, there was a certain note of... Read more »

Howdy ... / CC BY 2.0 Hello, ChicagoNow readers! My name is Brendan Tripp, I’m the new voice of “The Job Stalker” here, and this is my introductory blog entry. Hope you enjoy. Now, the first thing about being “The Job Stalker” is that … well, the odds are pretty good that one really doesn’t WANT... Read more »