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This will be my last entry as The Job Stalker. I start my new job Monday, and I hope the folks at ChicagoNow will be able to pass this blog on to another job stalker who might be willing to blog about their adventures and add a little humor to life on the auction block.

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at Social Real Estate Chicago about how I used social media to aid my job search. The thing is, as I told the attendees at that conference, I didn’t start out my job search as some kind of social media expert. Sure, I was on Twitter and Facebook, but I’d never attempted to use any of these tools to aid my job search. I was (sort of) on LinkedIn. I had never been a blogger. 

In the end, it was through these different portals that I found friends, sought out advice, conducted research and eventually landed a job. But more importantly, it was through social media that I was introduced to the “real” Chicago – the one outside my computer. I found my Scrabble Meetup Group through Facebook, a cycling community on Chainlink (a social media site for those who explore Chicago on two wheels), a coworking group through my blog, tweetups on Twitter and networking events and workshops through LinkedIn. 

There’s no doubt it’s rough out there. As a job seeker, it’s hard just waking up in the morning, knowing that you’ll likely face rejection, or even worse, be ignored. But because of all of you – I never felt alone. If I could offer any final advice, it would be to take advantage of the Internet’s ability to connect you to other job seekers. There are some amazing, talented and caring individuals out there, who also just happen to be looking for a job. They’re organized; they’re full of stories and advice; they know where you’re coming from.

One of my favorite authors Douglas Adams once referred to the Internet Age as “the first time that we could reach back into the world.” I couldn’t agree more. While it can be overwhelming, the Internet makes it possible to turn your job search into an event. Tweet about it. Start a blog. Don’t shut up until someone hires you. The more people out there talking about your job search, the closer you’ll be to payday.  

Thank you for listening. Authoring this blog has been a great adventure. I’ll see you on the other side…


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  • Uhhh ... no "Third Challenge"? Sort of leaving those of us "playing along at home" hanging, aren't you?

    Who at Chicago Now will be making the decision about who will be the new Job Stalker? Has anybody been monitoring the "contest" in here? Who do we contact to make a more formal application, now that it seems that the original concept of having that play out in the comments has been abandoned?

    Needless to say (uh, I'm the ONLY one who responded to parts #1 and #2), I'm interesting in the gig ... and feel sort of abandoned at this point!

  • In reply to BTRIPP:

    Here's how to contact ChicagoNow if you're interested in blogging:

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