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Great news everyone, I got a job! That’s right – no more blogging in my slippers, plotting schemes to get rich or trudging through job fairs. No one can be a Job Stalker forever. I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of you, and from the conversations I’ve had with you over these past few months through comments, Twitter and email, I’m pretty sure the next Job Stalker is out there.

If you are interested in taking over this blog, first explain in the comment section (In 100 words or less) why you would make a great Job Stalker. I’ll continue to post new challenges throughout the week.

The qualified candidate will:

1. Live in Chicago or vicinity.
2. Be ready to write frequently about their job hunt and dole out advice. 
3. Possess a sense of humor.
4. Have excellent communication skills.
5. Own a black and white puppy named Maude with three legs.

If you’re shy (which, um, you can’t be if you’re a blogger), write me an email instead.


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  • Congrats, Julie! That's great! Are you going to share about your new job? What is it? Are you excited about it? I hope so. I'm not at all surprised that you landed a job. We'll miss you here. Keep in touch.

  • In reply to stephawalker:

    Yes! Won't be going far. You can read my stuff on the business pages of the Tribune.

  • In reply to stephawalker:

    I'd love to be the new Job Stalker! Only, qualification #5 may take a while ... do you think the folks at Paws will mind if I get a 4-legged black & white puppy and do some mods? As to the rest

  • In reply to stephawalker:

    I would be more than happy to steal this blog from you. I happen to have a black and white mutt, Howie because according to my 2 year-old all dogs are called Howie.

  • In reply to stephawalker:

    Congratulations! You'll be missed here in Nowland.

    I have a twisted sense of humor, am willing to dole out completely insane and irrelevant advice, live in Chicago, and am currently unconscionably neglecting no less than three, count 'em three blogs. There are organizations where those qualifications plus general cluelessness and a flair for content-free jargon would get me a corner office and a huge raise, but I suspect Chicago Now is not one of them. So I'll look forward to Job Stalker Under New Management and your Tribune work.

  • In reply to stephawalker:

    Congrats to you, Julie! Quoting a favorite movie, "It's Monday, and everybody works on Monday."

  • That's great news. Congrats Julie. You will definitely be missed. I especially liked your Twitter posts. Wish you all the best with your new job!

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