Become The Next Job Stalker - Challenge #2



In case you missed it, The Job Stalker got a job, and we’re on the hunt for the next Job Stalker. Check out my last entry for a list of qualifications. Then complete this next challenge (with all the wit you can muster)…

In the comment section below, list five great responses (for the unemployed) to the question: “And what do you do for a living?”
I’ll start.  How about – “I prefer not to.”


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  • 1. "I'm a NIGEP, a Non-Income Generating Employed Person!"*

    2. "I'm in research."

    3. "I head up an independent External Employment Assessment & Implementation department."

    4. "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

    5. "The voices ... they don't like that question ... they don't want me to 'do' anything they don't tell me to do ... why are you trying to make the voices mad?"

    *"NIGEP" from Conor Cunneen's S.H.E.I.F.G.A.B. program.

  • 1. Let's start off by telling you what I DON'T do.
    2. I do the DEW! (props to mountain dew)
    3. I'm a graphic designer by day, and a prolific writer by night (in reality: mess around with Photoshop during the day, write a blog post at night)
    4. I'm in the midst of creating and pitching my own "reality" TV show titled, "So You Think You Can Get a Job?"
    5. (play stupid) Oh...the milDEW? Oh yes...the mildew is terrible! My allergies are running into overdrive! Goshdarnit, where'd I put that Claritan? Excuse me...

  • Just had one I wanted to share: "I'm a gravity enforcement specialist for a major furniture manufacturer"-I sit on a couch all day and make sure it doesn't float away.

  • 1. Well, you can find me by the username SellingAllMyStuff at My couch, my bed, my baby sister, yeah it

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