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Become The Next Job Stalker - Challenge #2

Photo/Kuxu76 In case you missed it, The Job Stalker got a job, and we’re on the hunt for the next Job Stalker. Check out my last entry for a list of qualifications. Then complete this next challenge (with all the wit you can muster)… In the comment section below, list five great responses (for the... Read more »

Steal this blog.

Great news everyone, I got a job! That’s right – no more blogging in my slippers, plotting schemes to get rich or trudging through job fairs. No one can be a Job Stalker forever. I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of you, and from the conversations I’ve had with you over these past few months through... Read more »

This Week's Job Hunting Guide

Photo via Wiki Commons OK, boys and girls, get out your iPhones, laptops and crackberries, this week’s events seem to be all about social media, which works for me since I’m a total addict. The more you learn about how to leverage social media to aid your job search, the better off you’ll be. So... Read more »

An Open Letter to the Fruit Company That Ruined Breakfast

Usually when people are unemployed for months at a time, they start to dream up get-rich-quick schemes. Hence, the alarming success of Nigerian presidents ready to wire money to your checking account TODAY.  The thing is – I’m the only person alive who seems to come up with get-rich-slowly schemes. It started in high school when... Read more »

LIVE: From the Career Fair

Below is the culmination of live posts from a day job hunting at the Chicago Tribune Career Fair at Soldier Field. Most recent posts are on top.  All told, I gave out four of the ten resumes I brought with me. I’m used to only imagining my competition as I write out yet another cover... Read more »

This Week's Job Hunting Guide

Photo by Howard R. Hollem via Library of Congress (Flikr Commons) From now on, I’ll be putting out my calendar of job hunting picks on Wednesdays (Covering Thursday through Wednesday events).  Why not Mondays? Because I said so. Free Stuff Chicago Tribune Career Fair  Human resources representatives offering jobs in engineering, technology and security clearance,... Read more »

Swayze taught us to never give up

Photo by Alan Light. I am heartbroken to lose Patrick Swayze. He really was a miracle dude, not only because his movies still sweep me off my feet, but because he managed to live his life with passion and intensity despite a desperate prognosis and to maintain his dignity in the face of the kind... Read more »

Resume advice for professional eaters

Great resume advice this morning on WGN-AM Radio from ResuMAYDAY’s Lauren Milligan. She answered a lot of my questions about the “objective,” which I’ve taken to leaving off my resume altogether because, as she explains, no matter what you write, you’ll sound like you are an utterly boring and sad individual. That blueberry pie eating contest from 2004. Employers,... Read more »

Tweets, Tweeps, Twestivals and Other Things That Start With 'Tw'

Thursday night, I attended Twestival, a networking/charity event that had people walking around wearing Twitter handles on their name tags instead of real names. A number of people admitted that, while they were on Twitter, they weren’t entirely sure what they were supposed to do on Twitter or what half the tweeps out there were talking about.... Read more »

Meet The Job Stalker

You’ve asked all your friends: Just who is this Job Stalker, the mastermind behind those beady eyes, the magician who wrote the “You Gotta Hire Me” theme song, the genius who told me not to print my resume on cloud paper? Well, now you can meet me. (Pause for applause) Sept. 17, I’ll be working the room... Read more »