Your Help Wanted

Help wanted sign in window

Dear Unemployed of Chicago,

I wish to use this blog space for good instead of evil. If you’re reading this entry, please choose from the following options:

A. I’d like to feature the occasional job seeker (that’s you) on this blog. Just because I haven’t found a job doesn’t mean I can’t help you out. If you’re interested, send your story and contact information to Tell the hiring managers of the world why they should hire you. Tell the rest of us about the time you accidentally wrote “Dear Sir” on your resume when it should have said “Madam.” Send a photo. If you have a web site or LinkedIn account, send that too.
B. Are you the one doing the hiring? Tell us what the job is, the kind of person you’re looking for and some of your worst horror stories from the resume pile – like that woman who, ahem, sang you a song about why you should hire her. Write to
C. Still looking for a few good candidates for the Unemployable of Month. Don’t be shy.  
The Job Stalker

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