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Coworking for the unemployed

I first heard about coworking in the “Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Chicago” and pretty much thought it was the coolest concept ever discovered. For those of you who haven’t heard about this enlightened idea, check out the Chicago Tribune’s September 2008 article “Coworking sites cater to the lonely self-employed” The idea is to take the independently... Read more »

This is an automated rejection.

This week, our government rejected me by computer. I should have known I was in trouble after I applied and received an acknowledgement with the subject line “Acknowledgement of Occupational Questionnaire.” While automatically generated, our government’s “We have received your application,” still managed to run an astounding 266 words long, included half a dozen acronyms... Read more »

Have you asked Oprah?

Here is a recent conversation I’ve had approximately 1,263 times in the past two months.  Me: Yeah, so I’m looking for a job in Chicago. Them: Chicago? Have you asked Oprah? Oprah lives in Chicago. Nothing against Oprah, but, it’s not like we’re tight. It got me wondering, is she the only Chicagoan people outside... Read more »