Chicken Soup For the Unemployed

My mom (my biggest fan) called yesterday to tell me that she ran into my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Webster, in the grocery store: “She just couldn’t enough of information about you, how she followed your articles and was so excited about this new adventure and definitely sends her love and her best wishes…” 
This is the woman who taught me my letters using giant blow-up “Letter People,” each with his/her own soundtrack (Mister D with the Delicious Doughnuts…Miss A -a-a-achoo!). This is the woman who sent me and the other children home with giant paper teddy bears hanging around our necks with our street addresses written on them in magic marker so that that the bus drivers would know where to drop us off. 
And not only does she still remember my name, she remembers my mom’s name.
Moms and kindergarten teachers are the best. They believe in us. They remember our potential even when we don’t.


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  • Get a job!

  • Seriously, if you are looking for a job attach yourself to something very important, REVENUE. It is a lot better than living off of the fat of other people's tables. I have heard many people call it funemployment. That makes my blood boil. There are even a bunch of gen yrs living in different countries collecting 72 weeks of unemployment from Illinois, that should be illegal.

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  • ooops! meant to say: Mrs. Webster is awesome. Fond memories!

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