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Contest: The Unemployable of the Month

Know some poor soul who, for reasons obvious to everyone else, is simply unemployable? Maybe they don’t own a suit or have never bothered to iron the one they have. Or maybe their calendar is whatever they happen to write on their hand. Nominate them as “The Unemployable of the Month.” I’ll feature them in... Read more »

Hello. I love you. Hire me.

I grew up on “Free To Be You and Me” — you know, the one where Princess Atalanta tells her father that, no, he doesn’t get to choose who she marries and that she might not even married thank you very much. Naturally, when I decided to get married, I didn’t wait around for my husband... Read more »

One Chicago address available for loan

Anyone want to borrow my Chicago address? I’m so relieved to finally have one, I’m giving it away. Looking for a job in Chicago from my desk in Connecticut (912 miles and two regional accents away) made learning to play Scrabble in Chinese look like a beach day. I was starting to get the impression... Read more »

'Evil' Job Boards?

My favorite misery to strike the unemployed in recent years: the pay-to-search job board. It reminds me a lot of that ginormous sixth-grader that agreed not to pummel me if I gave her my Doritos and a “toll” at recess.T Since I’m looking for jobs in public relations, a LinkedIn connection thoughtfully offered up PRCrossing, a for-pay search agent that,... Read more »