Fight hordes, find the orbs, and get rewards! In Elden Pixels Cathedral

Fight hordes, find the orbs, and get rewards! In Elden Pixels Cathedral

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What would you do if you were a nondescript knight (who doesn’t like to talk) who woke up with no memory in a random castle filled with monsters? Get The heck out that’s what! That’s exactly what the main character in Elden Pixels and Decemberborn Interactive’s Cathedral tries to do!

Cathedral is a Metroidvania side scroller where you play a normal old knight who loses his memory and is now trying to figure out how he ended up where he ended up. Fortunately he’s not alone in his quest, as he meets some helpful town people who try to help him figure out what’s going on. You even team up with an adorable and helpful spirit named Soul who also doesn’t know why he’s here, other than to loot the cathedral of all it’s awesome stuff.

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up and play, and the game gives you quick tutorials to help you figure out the new moves the knight and his spirit helper can do. There are several different locations you explore, not just a giant cathedral. You also explore graveyards, sewers, forests, and other places. It’s also fairly linear as sections you are not ready for are blocked in some way – though you still will be backtracking a lot when you get new items. Lucky for you there is a handy map that you make as you walk, you can also find map pieces in the dungeons to show where important things are.

There are tons of things to buy and find as you explore Cathedral, and no lack of treasure. You can also buy and find upgrades to your armor weapons and health as well as buy upgrades and helpful items in the town shop. When you die you lose 10% of whatever you found which sucks, however you could go to the town store and put money into the bank to save it. You can only save so much in the bank but you can also buy bank upgrades to save more.

Cathedral starts out easy and gets harder as it goes (darn you flying skeleton heads!) which is good for people who like to have a challenge. You also pretty much have unlimited lives, you just lose money every time you die. One cool thing is every time you die a little icon is put onto the map to remind you where it was in case you need to go back there. There are also checkpoints all around the game but only one checkpoint could be activated at a time and when you die you end up right back at that checkpoint so be careful and make sure you activate ones that are close to you at all times!

I must say I loved Elden Pixel’s Cathedral. It was challenging but not too much, lots of upgrades, lots of different places to explore, and Soul is so cute! I loved the old pixel feel and the classic 8-bit music the game gives as well. I give it 5 outta 5 baby dragons!

Cathedral is available on Steam, GOG, Switch, and now PS4 for $14.99. For more information check out their website Good luck out there!

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