Wizard World 2021 is back! Lets get back to geeking out!

Wizard World 2021 is back! Lets get back to geeking out!

It was delayed because of covid but it’s finally back, and of course I am talking about Wizard World! We have all missed conventions and I know I am happy to finally be able to go to them again. Wizard World 2021 was once again held at the Donald A Stephens Center in Rosemont Il on the weekend of Oct 15th, 16th, and 17th.

This year, Wizard World was only on the bottom floor of the Stephens Center with a couple panel rooms in the back of the hall. I walked in on Friday to see a huge crowd of cosplayers and fellow lovers of geek culture waiting to enter the hall right at 4pm. It was especially fun to see everyone incorporating their mandatory masks into their cosplay. I have to admit, this is the first year I really had to think about which of my nerd masks I should wear to con and on which day?

Inside the hall were tons of vendors that ranged from selling cosplay weapons and props, to toys, to action figures, to original comics and drawing, to even a tattoo booth! There were also a couple different fudge and candy places, I bought some fudge from a booth and it was delish! I bought the Batman flavor which is chocolate and banana (because the theme song goes “banana nana BATMAN!” get it?) I also got a Snickers flavor which had fudge, caramel, and peanuts. I also perused the various booths and bought some neat junk, like a dragon from who came with a crocheted hat and scarf!

I got tired of shopping (and so did my bank account) so I moved on to look at some other areas. Off to the back of the convention there were some TV’s set up to do some console gaming! The biggest draw was of course the Smash Bros. tournaments. If video games aren’t your thing, they also had a selection of board games for sale and to try out.

And of course the most important part of the convention? The celebrities! There were a couple returning starts such as Dean Cain, Jason David Frank, and Lou Ferigno, and the famous space explorer (who actually DID get to explore space) William Shatner. Matthew Lewis who played Neville in the Harry Potter movies. Robert Patrick (T 1000 from Terminator 2) was also there and Charles Martinet who is most famous for voicing Mario and Wario among other Nintendo characters.

There were several more celebs and cos-play a plenty! My favorite is seeing the kids dressing up because as fun as it is for us adults to dress up and show off our costumes, it’s even more fun for kids who are natural cos-players! And the best is when the whole family works together to make a group cos-play!

I definitely had fun roaming around the vendors, seeing the celebs and cosplay, and checking out Artist Alley, but the biggest problem with Wizard World this year was that it was just too small! Previous years the con filled the top and bottom floors, but this year it was all on the bottom and didn’t even really cover the whole hall. This could be due to covid and the fact that it’s been a couple years so a lot of people weren’t ready to come back, so I am hoping that as years go on it will get back up to its old large volume. So I’m giving it 3 ½ outta 5 baby dragons.

One big announcement to make! This will be the last year that Wizard World will be Wizard World. From now on it will be known as FAN EXPO. Nothing else will really be changed, it is just under new owners so hopefully this new group will also bring some new fun changes to the convention! For more info on them and the events they are holding all over the globe, check out their website https://fanexpohq.com/home/ Till then, keep nerding out and work on those costumes for next year!

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