Save the Synapsians and do some math in Tesura Games' A Tale of Synapses: The Chaos Theories!

Save the Synapsians and do some math in Tesura Games' A Tale of Synapses: The Chaos Theories!

Nero the Synapsian accidentally unleashes an evil spirit when he knocks over a book in the ancient library. Now it’s up to him and a little sprite Sci to help get him contained again and help fix the world.

Tesura Games’ A Tale of Synapses: The Chaos Theories is a platforming puzzle game where you play as Nero and his little sprite helper Sci. Nero was a lonely little Synapsesian Who always felt like he didn’t fit in. He makes friends with a librarian and while cleaning accidentally knocked over a book and unleashed a once ancient evil and Sci. Sci the grudgingly agreed to help contain the evil spirit again and save the world.

Nero is the main player of the game but you also can control Sci to help with puzzles, or you can have a second player please Sci! Nero can learn several different skills to help him fight in combat and jump higher. You collect light coins as you’re playing that you can use to unlock new powers, you can also unlock powers for Sci. All of the necessary abilities like double jumping and attacking or unlocked as you play, all the upgrades are optional but very necessary.

Some of the upgrades are tricky to use however,  and my biggest issue was actually trying to figure out how you unlock some of The upgrades. I was thinking they would all be unlocked right away and you just have to get the light coins to upgrade them. You also can help out synapseians in the game and sometimes get treasure from doing it, and other times absolutely nothing. Or at least nothing apparent.

Sci can also go to another dimension too see things that will help you solve the puzzles! He can also go to the other dimension to freeze enemies

And all of the puzzles are math-based! Which makes sense since the entire world seems to be made of math symbols and the names as well. The puzzles include things like creating the right shapes to put onto a scale to make stuff move or even doing some simple multiplication and addition. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a mathematician to figure them out and you can eat an apple which you find around the levels and Sci will give you a clue. Also if you’re not good at math, like me, a lot of the puzzles can be figured out just by messing around long enough.

The characters are all really cute especially little Nuro, and the music is fun as well! There are also several different levels and locations in A Tale of Synapses and you could replay the levels if you missed some light coins or other items – which it will tell you when you highlight the level.

Overall I enjoyed A Tale of Synapses: The Chaos Theories! It was cute, fun, and didn’t make me hate math all over again! I wish some of the unlock a bowls were available right away, But at least you could go back into the levels as much as you want and get more like coins. I give it four out of five baby dragons.

Want the game for yourself? Good cus it’s available now! You can get it on Switch and Steam for $17.99! Now go dig out your old 5th grade math book!

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