Don't end up in the cold sleep in PLAYISM'S Gnosia

Don't end up in the cold sleep in PLAYISM'S Gnosia

You are on a spaceship with several other people on a rescue mission. The problem is, one or more people on the ship are infected with Gnosia who want to kill everyone on the ship. And you have no idea who those people are, they may even be you!!    

Petit Depotto and PLAYISM’s Gnosia is a Narrative deduction game along the lines of Werewolf  and Among Us. You wake on a ship with amnesia (of course!) and meet a group of very colorful characters from around the galaxy. These folks range from a chick with lots of tattoo’s to a stereotypical alien to a adorable beluga whale in a diver helmet. A overheard voice tells you that there is Gnosia detected on the ship and they must be eliminated – or they will infect and kill everyone. You all have to vote on who is infected with Gnosia and who is gonna get put in the “cold sleep” tank. At the end of the day the ship goes through a “loop” which causes the whole thing to start again. You soon find out that someone else in the crew is remembering every loop too and they could end up helping you figure out the truth, even if you have to kill each other that particular loop.

I’ll admit right now, I never liked games like Werewolf where a person is voted off basically based on popularity. And Gnosia even mentions how that isn’t fair, so they changed it up a bit! In the first few loops it’s the usual “vote who you don’t like, ” but then it adds in special abilities like “exaggerate” and “counter” that allows you to better influence other ship mates to vote for who you want them too. You can also level up your skills like persuasion and charm that allow you better influence others and even figure out who is lying.

There are also helpers on the ship like the doctor that can tell you if the person you put in cold sleep was a Gnosia, or the engineer that can investigate someone at night. And guess what? If you’re a Gnosia this loop, you can pretend to be these people to throw off suspicion – or add to it! More roles open up as the loops go on too and eventually you will be able to choose who you want to be each loop and who the available helpers/harmers will be.

The one issue I have with Gnosia is that it takes way too long to progress the story. There are certain things that need to happen and different events you need to see during the day to unlock the more info and finally figure out what is going on. It gets a bit easier when you are able to better control the loops, but even then it just feels like you are experiences endless loops that accomplish nothing. The loops go pretty fast though and you gain experience to level up your skills and learn new ones, but still I want more story progress!

Overall though, Gnosia is a fun twist on the elimination and deduction game style. The added skills and roles make it feel less random and make you feel like you actually have some influence over who goes to the cold sleep. I also like that you can eventually pick options to set up the loop and even learn new things about the other characters that might give you some insight. I just wish the story progressed more! Stop leaving me hanging! I give it 4 outta 5 baby dragons.

Want it? It’s available right now on the Nintendo Switch here and soon on Steam  

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