Got what it takes to be rouge? Find out with Transolar's Hero-U Rouge to Redemption!

Got what it takes to be rouge? Find out with Transolar's Hero-U Rouge to Redemption!

Shawn O’Conner is a delinquent who dreams of joining the thieves guild. He is tasked with finding a lucky coin in order to join the guild but is stopped by stranger with a long beard whogives him an ultimatum, go to Hero school or go to jail. I think you know what he choses.

Hero-U Rouge to Redemption is a point and click action/adventure game by the creators of Quest for Glory Transolar. You play as Shawn who has been forced to join the “disembarred bards” class (they prefer to call themselves rogues) which is a group of reject kids who couldn’t fit into any of the other “hero” categories. Despite being rejects, they strive to prove to the school that they can also be heroes and not just thieves. Throughout the game you will have to attend classes, practice your skills, and make money in a couple different ways.

Hero-U is very open ended. Other than attending the main class everyday, and sleeping by 1am, what you do the rest of the day is up to you. You could read books or go in the practice rooms to tighten your stats, you could chat with other classmates, or you can go in the various dungeons at the school and fight some stuff – which is a great way to get money and find
treasure! You also establish relationships with your classmates and teachers, and you can even end up dating them (boys or girls, Shawn will date anyone!)

The main goal of Hero-U is to survive, and not get expelled, by day 30 of school. Shawn is also trying to figure out what happened to his father and get the whole story which will come up as the weeks go on. You also want to become Top Rouge which is an honor given to the best disbarded bard in the class. Because it’s so open ended, the choices you make will affect relationship and events as well.

There are several side quests you can do during the days that are all optional, but doing them will score you lots of brownie points with your friends and get you closer to being Top Rouge. Again though, what you chose to do or not do is all up to you, you could seriously just sleep all
do and ignore everything else, but it would be a boring game. You cannot be killed in Hero-U, if you die you just end up in the nurse’s office at the end
of the day, but you can get expelled by ticking off the headmaster and teachers. If you get 100 demerits you are OUT! So save often! There is a couple different endings you can get as well depending on the relationships you made and the quests you did. Be a hero or a jerk, or maybe something inbetween!

There is some fighting elements in Hero-U that is all optional. By optional i mean you can just choose to not go in the dungeons (which means skipping a TON of side quests) or going to them and trying to sneak around all the enemies. This is possible if you level up your sneaking skill well enough. But fighting can be fun and you can buy, find, and equip a lot of different weapons and armor. At first money is hard to come by though, so you won’t get any cool stuff till about the middle of the game when more stuff opens up. And they don’t show Shawn wearing the cool stuff! You could only see him in the inventory screen.

Hero-U is challenging, open-ended, and very entertaining. I like that everything is optional and you can play as you see fit. It woulda been cool to see Shawn wearing his stuff, and also maybe the option to do some magic. Oh and did I mention there’s puns? Cuz there is, a lot! So don’t eat too much before playing this! I give it four and a half outta 5 baby dragons.

Want to start a live of honest crime? Then check out the game here. It’s now available for the Switch or on Steam and GOG for $29.99! Happy rouging!

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