Pixel platform it up with MostlyMad's Vylan

Pixel platform it up with MostlyMad's Vylan

No story, no explanation, just a guy trying to get out the door! That explains MostlyMad productions pixel platformer Vylan. in…well it’s entirely! You play as a little pixel dude who has to get through the obstacles in order to reach the door in a certain amount of time. Pretty simple. Only it’s not simple, it’s really difficult!

Each level in Vylan it’s very basic, there are some obstacles and the door you need to get out of. Black and white, all pixelated, and of course funky pixel music to go along with it! Some of the obstacles we will need to get your little guy through our switches the change every time you walk through it, falling floors, ice, fire, and other things. You move around using both WASD control and directional button. You’re also equipped with a magic wand that allows you to delete or create ice boxes which help you solve the puzzle.

What makes Vylan so difficult is that there are no hands no clothes no direction of any sort in solving puzzles. It’s all trial and error. Also there is this pesky timer that is really not very long to be honest. You don’t need the timer and you is dead. And of course there’s other ways to die too, like touching fire, going through walls accidentally, and having blocks fall on you among other things.

On the plus side, you have unlimited lives so you could die 1000 times… and you will…while you’re trying to figure out the puzzle. Each death though is a step closer to solving the puzzle and a step towards victory! You can also extend the timer links, or shut it off all together which it really helps. There are 100 levels to get through, on different islands,  with different themes, and you could choose the order you want to take them in but I highly recommend going chronologically because of course they get harder as they go up in numbers.

So even though it’s very hard, it’s still very fun and very cute! But expect to run out of time and die a lot. I give it four out of five baby dragons

You want it? Great! It’s on sale now on Steam for only $4.99! Let’s get pixelated!

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