Save your mentor and discover Mutropolis!

Save your mentor and discover Mutropolis!

It’s the year 5000 and after a series of events, all humans are now living on Mars. A group of archeologists and scientists are doing a typical dig of the alien planet Earth when the group leader is kidnapped because of his knowledge of Mutropolis!


Mutropolis is a detective sci-fi point and click adventure game by Pirita Studios and Application Systems Heidelberg, who also made Nelly Cootalot and Luna the Shadow Dust. The expeditions team lead by Dr. Henry Dijon is on the search for their mentor Totel. He is the only one who knows how to get to the famed, and most likely made up, city of Mutropolis and was therefore captured by an evil god named Seth who wishes to get into the city for unknown nefarious reasons. You need to work together, and alone, to figure out where he was taken, how to get there, and seriously what the heck to do next. You play as Henry who is yer typical nerd scientist who knows more about fossils then how to be social. In typical point and click fashion, you will be interacting with items and solving puzzles to get the job done. And don’t forget your trusty trowel!


Other than the humor, the real charm of the game is seeing all the ways they misunderstood popular items and events, even the pyramids! Since the world of Mutropolis takes place thousands of years after humanity was forced to abandon Earth, everything on Earth is now considered ancient and forgotten. This means a lot of pop culture references – only hilariously misconstrued. Like they think people used to drive around via roller coasters, and that Indiana Jones is an actual famous archeologist. They also like to tease Henry for using such medieval tools as knives and his trusty trowel.


A lot of the puzzles are pretty logical where as others are “what? Why would I think to do that??” Overall though the game was pretty straightforward, and lot of puzzles can’t be solved till later so keep that in mind! There are lots of fun colorful characters as well including yer typical ditzy secretary, who may be more than she seems, and yer typical scientist with his adorable robot buddy. Oh yer typical socially unaware goddess too. There is a part in the game where you get to play as the little robot guy Max and see the world through his pixelated eyes. The ending has a little twisty twist as well!

Mutropolis is fun, silly, and a bit of a culture shock for several characters. The puzzles can be hard and bit out of the box at times, but you’ll figure it out. I liked the length as well, several ours and three different environments to explore. I give it 4 outta 5 baby dragons


Don’t let this fun adventure slip away! It’s out now on Steam for only $19.99! Happy fossilizing!

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