Destroy those viruses! Save your computer! In Planetfall Studio's Defentron!

Destroy those viruses! Save your computer! In Planetfall Studio's Defentron!

Futuristic space viruses are trying to attack your computer! You are it’s only defense! Set up an awesome security system before they take over completely! You will need strategy and timing and LOTS of retries!


Planetfall Studios and Zerouno Games’ Defentron is a 3D tower defense game for the Switch and Steam. It takes place inside a computer and you are basically a virus fighting computer program. You need to set up turrets and different defense weapons to fight off the attacking viruses. The viruses can be very fast, or very strong, or a combo of both so you need lots of strategy to decide how best to get rid of them. Fortunately you have several different types of weapons at your disposal. You will need quick shooters for the quick viruses, and strong shooters as well to catch the ones that slip past. You also get weapons that will slow down the targets to give you a bit more time to attack.

Each round in Defentron has specific places where you can place your weapons. You need to plan where the best place to place the turrets based on the viruses that come out. Some are very fast and need zapping quickly, whereas with the slower ones you might be able to take some time, but need strength. You will most likely lose a couple times and have to restart before you figure out the best set up. In fact let me rephrase that, you WILL lose a couple times!


Turrets and other weapons can be upgraded by speed, range, and power. Buying new weapons and upgrades cost money and you get this money by killing the viruses! You start out with a certain amount as well so plan carefully! And the money does not carry over to the next level so don’t be shy about spending. The thing you SHOULD be careful about is how you spend it! You have to decide if you want to use it right away to buy new weapons, or maybe save up a bit and upgrade what you have already. You can also spend a lot of money and make your turret super strong, but it will explode after a few uses.


I warn you Defentron is challenging! You will lose a lot and repeat levels several times before you can figure out the best set up. They tell you what types of viruses you will be dealing with in the beginning but not what order they come out. On the plus side, you can pause the attacks to think about how you want to level up and place your turrets. Don’t think you’re gonna have a nice easy ride with this one!

Defentron is challenging, futuristic, and has cool galacticy music! It’s got a different feel then other 3D Tower Defense games due to its grid like computer security system look. I give it 3 ½ stars!


Defentron is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch for only $9.99! For more info cick
here! Now get out there and McAfee those viruses!

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