Pop some pirate bubbles and save the children in Rusty Spout's Rescue Adventure!

Pop some pirate bubbles and save the children in Rusty Spout's Rescue Adventure!

Rusty Spout the pirate just wants to go on adventures and help out others. However, Coco the evil pirate decided to kidnap all the children from Rusty’s village, cuz that’s what evil pirates do! Now it’s up to Rusty Spout and his pirate hoard to help the children and stop the evil Coco and his minions.

7 Raven Studio’s Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is a bubble popping adventure for the Nintendo Switch. You play as Rusty, or his other buddies that are unlockable, and shoot bubbles around the screen to pop groups. You need to make groups of at least four to pop color groups. You can move the cursor faster with the Zl/Zr buttons and use LR to switch between two colored bubbles which makes it a bit easier to strategize.

In addition to the normal bubbles, Rusty Spout gives you special bubbles that can help you along the way such as bubbles that get rid of all of one color, or ones the blow up all the bubbles in the area. There are also obstacles that get in your way such as blocks that can’t be destroyed or only destroyed in a certain way. There are also boss battles that are actually pretty hard. You can also play with another friend local or online.

Be aware that when you start a new level in story mode you will get tutorials about new things you need to know, and they cannot be viewed again once you saw them! So make sure you don’t accidentally skip over them. Also, there is no saving in story mode! If you lose all your credits that’s it, it’s start all over time! If you manage to beat all the bosses and save the children, you will unlock different characters that can be used in endless and battle modes.

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is a fun, quirky, and not very long game. It has fun graphics and special features to help you out and I really liked that you can switch between two bubbles to give you an advantage. I did not like that you have to start all over again in story mode if you lose your credits. All that progress lost! Overall I give it 3 outta 5 baby dragons!

If you are a fan of bubble shooters and crazy pirates then you should check out Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure! It’s a fun indie addition to your Switch collection and it’s only $6.99! For more info check here Nintendo. Now get out there and save those kids! ARRR!!rusty-spout-rescue-adventure-switch-screenshot033-dragons

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