Monster pets, purple goo, and CARDS! it's Cardpocalypse!

Monster pets, purple goo, and CARDS! it's Cardpocalypse!

It’s hard being the new kid, especially when on your second day of school you manage to get the most popular school game banned, AND evil monsters from the very same game decide to come to life and steal souls to make into new cards! (sheesh and I was just worried about losing my lunch money!)


Gambrinous and Versus Evil’s <i>Cardpocalypse</i> is an RPG, tabletop card game, mystery hybrid. You play as Jessica – Jess (hey what a cool name!!) a wheelchair bound girl who was recently transferred to a new school that loves to play the popular card game “Mega Mutant Power Pets” which she has never played. It’s a fun deck building game that kids love and teachers hate, especially the principal who is always looking for an excuse to ban the game and make her students miserable (because that’s what teachers and administrators like to do of course!) However, when students start disappearing and a weird purple goo starts showing up everywhere, Jess starts to think that this Power Pets may be more than just a game!

Even though it’s a hybrid of several games, at its core, <i>Cardpocalypse</i> is about playing the Power Pets game one on one with others and building up your deck of cards. There are four different Pet species you can use that all have different cards. Every deck will have different cards that are similar to other decks (such as defenders, poison, charge, etc.) but can only be used for each deck. Meaning purple can only work with purple decks ext. Cards can be laid out based on how much “pet food” you have which goes up every round.



Cards also have special effects such as being able to be used right away or cards that have to be destroyed first before any other card can be used. Then of course there are special cards with cool abilities like stealing cards from others, nullifying effects of bad cards, and giving your cards more HP and less points to use. There are also stickers you can get to modify cards and change the name of them as well – so you could name a card after pet like I did! Regardless of what deck you use, each deck can only hold 20 cards so you have to really plan out what’s best. You can trade cards with other kids in the school as well to get better cards. You can also, instead, trade candy you get which saves you from giving away cool cards. You also get rare and cool cards for helping kids out with their problems and tasks. And! You don’t lose cards if you lost either so you don’t have to worry about what cards you use! In fact there really isn’t much of a penalty for losing. Most of the time if you lose you can keep trying again till you win, there are few times when you can only battle once and that’s it, so just make sure you save first! There are actually a couple times when you might want to lose to help out the other kid.



Aside from playing Power Pets you also have a mystery to solve! What is happening to kids in the school and what is all this creepy purple goo that is showing up everywhere? The students have theories you will have to investigate…the teachers pretty much are blaming the kids…but things really get sticky when actual creatures from the card game show up and start stealing kids to turn into cards!! Once you defeat a card monster things you are able to change a rule of the card game. This could make playing easier or possibly harder depending on the rule you pick. This doesn’t happen till the fourth day so be patient! At the end of the school day you can pick a kid to go home and hang out with which will strengthen your friend ship with the kid.


<i>Cardpocalypse</i> is full of colorful and silly characters to interact with and do quests for, there are 100’s of great cards to collect and trade for, and a crazy mystery to solve as well! And you don’t even have to attend any classes! The card battles can get a bit challenging but for the most part you can redo the battles till you win – there are only a few that are once and done. It takes a bit of time before the main story starts, and there are some rather challenging battles that you may have to repeat several times but over all it’s a super fun game! I give it 4 outta five baby dragons!


<i>Cardpocalypse</i> is out now on <a href=”” target=”external”>Steam</a> and only $24.99! So get collecting already!

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