Blow up some stuff! As a Chicken! With Goes Soft's Chicken Bomb!

Blow up some stuff! As a Chicken! With Goes Soft's Chicken Bomb!

What can be more fun than vindictive chickens wanting to blow stuff? Goes Soft’s Chicken Bomb is a Bomberman clone where you are a chicken who just woke up one day and thought “i feel like blowing stuff up!” or at least that’s what I think because I don’t speak chicken.

The purpose of Chicken Bomb is to walk through the maze and blow up your enemies with egg bombs and not blow yourself up in the process. Destroying all the enemies ends the round. You can also blow up objects around the arena to get items and powerups that will help you defeat your foes. Items like more eggs, longer range, and stars which can be used buy power-ups. I recommend destroying some of the objects to get the much needed power-ups before killing the last baddie cuz once he’s gone, so are all the sweet items.


Along with temporary power-ups you find, you can also level yourself up by finding stars and by doing good in the rounds. You can level up how many eggs you can carry, your range, your speed, and also how much HP you have. You can also unlock other chickens to play as! The stars are also used to unlock new levels. There are tons of levels that range from the good ole farm to tropical islands to the North Pole! Enemies get harder as rounds progress as well as obstacles that could potentially blow you to smithereens.


The key to Chicken Bomb is strategy. You need to learn the patterns of the characters and time the egg bomb perfectly, then of course move the heck outta the way cuz your egg can blow you up as well! There are also a couple boss levels with harder to kill baddies. Keep in mind that the enemies cannot move through objects, including the eggs, so it’s good to pin them in somewhere.


Despite it’s cutesy appearance and adorable characters, Chicken Bomb is no easy game! It’s very challenging and really involves a lot of strategy. Also the rounds are all randomly generated which adds more challenge. The game should be safe for all ages, i played it with my two-year old nephew and he thought the whole game was hilarious. It’s got some cartoon violence put no real blood or gore. And seriously what says “family time” more than blowing up animals with egg bombs?


So it’s fun, cute, and very challenging for a fun and cute game! I give it four and half baby dragons. I also love the RPG elements of being able to level up your chicken and even unlock new ones. Now if only you could play as a goat….


If you want to check out Goes Soft’s indie classic Chicken Bomb then you are in luck! It’s out now on Steam for only $4.99! Now get out there and blow up some stuff!!!

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