Kill and most likely be killed (ya you'll be killed) in Savage Studios’ S.C.A.R

Kill and most likely be killed (ya you'll be killed) in Savage Studios’ S.C.A.R

You are a dude on some planet killing endless hordes of mutants. If you need to know more than that then you an’t gonna like this game. Savage Studios’ S.C.A.R (Which stands for Simulating Carnage And Rockets) is an action shooter where you basically just kill tons and tons of mutants. There is no backstory or objective given. Just kill or be killed!


All that is clear about S.C.A.R is that you are not on earth and the inhabitants absolutely do not like you! There are different levels that need to be completed in a certain order. Once one level is beat the next one is unlocked and the main hub. There are several different weapons you can find and pick up during the game, and also health and armor power ups. Different guns have different special features too like homing and rapid fire. You also have a nifty grapple hook that will help you get the higher places. You don’t really love lamp or anything, but you do have a double jump ability and if you hold the shift button you could dirt ahead quickly which helps you get away from enemies and also can be used up to three times to go a long distance especially over a cliff.


One thing you need to know about S.C.A.R Is that it is INSANELY DIFFICULT! Seriously unless you’re a hard-core pro it’s shooters you’re not gonna get very far without dying a ton of times. Basically the point of the game is to survive as long as you can, then brag to your friends about how far you got this play through. The save feature is your friend here!


I realized quickly into S.C.A.R that there is no point trying to kill all the mutants because they just respawn forever. What you have to do is kill a certain amount and the door to the next area will open. So basically running is also your friend here! There are a ton of health pick ups around but honestly it only delays the enevitable. When you die the game likes to make fun of you as well, I was called a useless slug and some other choice things for losing miserably. But at least the game provides an awesome heavy metal track to listen to while your being massacred!

S.C.A.R Is hard as hell, unforgiving, and downright hectic! At least If you get a cool grappling hook! I give it 3 1/2 baby dragons.


If I haven’t scared you off yet and you still want this crazy complication of carnage and chaos (hows that for alliteration?) then you can buy S.C.A.R on Steam for only $4.99! Go ahead, challenge yourself and your patience! It’s your funeral 🙂

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