Can you make it through all seven doors in Indigo Studios Seven Doors??

Can you make it through all seven doors in Indigo Studios Seven Doors??

Are you a fan of room escape games? How about room escape games you do by yourself and can possibly die if you screw up? Good! Then Indigo Studios Seven Doors is your game!

As you probably guessed by now, Seven Doors is an interaction adventure game where you are blindly thrown into 7 different rooms and have to figure out how to get out with little or no clues. Each room has everything you need in it to solve the puzzles and get to the next room, but it an’t easy.

Each room in Seven Doors has a different theme and objective and the room name kinda sorta gives you a hint on what you have to do to get out. You just have to look around and find things in the room to use, and all items are used automatically when they are needed so you don’t have to do too much “try this item on this thing” messing around. Sometimes there are no items to be used and you just have to figure out how to get out by trial and error. The puzzles range from hard to “uh?” and like I said there are no hints or help, you are totally on your own. But with enough wandering, messing with things, and pure dumb luck you can figure out what you have to do. Oh and did I mention you can die? Because you can…and you will…a lot.


You use the directional or WASD buttons to move — and you can jump too — and pick things up with. You move the camera, which is first person, around with the mouse. Possibly the most annoying part of Seven Doors is the movement. It’s clunky if you don’t have a good graphics card and while holding items is not an issue since the character will hold it till you hit the mouse button to drop it but it can be tricky to try to place an object where it needs to go. You get used to it but still it can make a challenge a bit more challenging.


One thing Seven Doors Does well is make you feel isolated and alone. There is no music or sounds, cept for the occasional screaming from the character, unless it’s part of the puzzle which gives you even more of a feeling of being alone and lost. It is not explained in the beginning why you are there either and especially whether or not or not you are a willing participant. All you know is that each room will “test one of your strengths.” Whatever that means (insert suspicious eye emoji.)

Seven Doors Is challenging, scary, gives you a sense of isolation, and fun! The controls are wonky and can add some unnecessary challenge to the game but like I said you get used to it. It’s especially fun if you’ve ever done a room escape and thought “you know I totally want to try this on my own!” You know, without the risk of never escaping and possible death. So I give it 4 outta 5 baby dragons!


So if I haven’t scared you off yet you can pick up this game for yourself at the steam store Steam for only $6.99. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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