LUNA the Shadow Dust, or, Scary Tower vs. A Boy and his Pet!

LUNA the Shadow Dust, or, Scary Tower vs. A Boy and his Pet!

A boy wakes up after falling from the sky and finds himself in front of a giant tower with no other choice but to reach the top. Along the way he meets a cute little cat animal thing who joins him on his journey to reach the top, and hopefully recover his memories.

LUNA the Shadow Dust is a PC puzzle adventure game by Application Systems Heidelberg and Lantern Studios. You play as the unnamed boy and an unnamed animal (who is referred to as “pet” in the description.) The characters are interchangeable and you will need both to solve the various puzzles in each room. You go into LUNA the Shadow Dust completely blind. No hints, no voices, no words –cept for the occasional sign – no explanation on what to do, nothing. They want you to be as clueless as the boy is.

You enter each new room and floor to find a puzzle waiting for you. You have to do a lot of moving things and climbing and random button pressing and level pulling and other stuffs. The puzzles are complex and unique and involve a lot of trial and error. On the plus side, you can’t make any fatal mistakes so just try everything till you get it. The rooms are all linear and everything you need to solve it is in that room as well so don’t worry about thinking you missed something.
There are no hints or skips in LUNA the Shadow Dust. It would have been nice to have even a small hint option as some of the puzzles are rather complex. However, having no help at all gives you a real idea of how the boy is feeling – being trapped in a room with no idea how to get out. But this isn’t reality and darn-it people like hints!

The art of LUNA the Shadow Dust is very well done and just beautiful. It’s all hand drawn and well designed. Each item really stands out and even the facial expressions of the two characters are detailed. The visual story is revealed slowly as you complete levels and travel higher in the tower. No background is given at first and no explanation of who the boy or pet is till you play higher and higher. Even when things are reveled, there is still no words or voice, just enchanting visuals.

The music was one of the best parts of LUNA the Shadow Dust. Each room has it’s own unique song that not only gives you nice peaceful ambiance, but also really sets the mood for each room. For instance, if the room is more calm then the music is calmer, if the room is a bit scary then so is the music. Either way, the sounds are beautiful and makes the hard puzzles a bit less stressful. LUNA the Shadow Dust is not very long either, you can complete it in one or two sittings.

So though it is short and there are no hints or help given to you in the game, I found LUNA the Shadow Dust to be very well made, fun and just a beautiful beautiful game! The art and music are perfect and really adds sometime special to the gameplay. The puzzles are challenging but logical and actually really fun. I give it 4 ½ outta five baby dragons!
LUNA the Shadow Dust. is now out and available on Steam for $19.99. For more info check out Lantern Studio’s site here. Happy gaming all!!

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