EVENT: The #BeautyExperiment by @AllieLeFevere (10-12-13) #Chicago

EVENT: The #BeautyExperiment by @AllieLeFevere (10-12-13) #Chicago
The time has come for a REVOLUTIONARY REDEFINEMENT. Allie LeFevere brings The Beauty Experiment: a four-hour workshop that will redefine your relationship with your body,  with food, and with your reflection.

WHAT: The Beauty Experiment

WHEN: Saturday, October 12, 2013

WHERE: Catalyst Ranch , 356 W. Randolph Street #3W, Chicago IL 60661

COST: $30

HOW TO JOIN: Complete your application here.

Beauty Experiment Catalyst Ranch


A four-hour workshop that looks a little somethin’ like this…

Hour 1:  Get Comfy

  • Lay the ground-rules for a judgment + bullshit free zone
  • Get to know your fellow BEers through gutsy dialogue + positive interaction
  • Soul-shaking stories in a group-share format

Hour 2:  Unravel Stories

  • Exercise[s] to help you deep-dive into your personal story + body beliefs
  • Activities to crack the code on what’s keeping you stuck in negative thoughts, self-defeating patterns + mediocre living
  • A little bold + brazen role-playing in smaller breakout groups

Hour 3:  Flip Scripts

  • Your chance to actually rewrite the story of your gorgeous body + share it with the group [a story uplifting + energizing to help you ditch the self-defeating chatter for good.]
  • Script-flipping, body embracing + foundation-laying for self-improvement.

Hour 4:  Celebrate

  • A big ass party, tons of photos [+ a little surprise] to close it all out

The Extra Feel-Good Stuff

  • Real women. Raw moments.
  • Compassion from folks who share similar struggles + ‘get you’
  • Honest conversations + [probably] a few tears.
  • High-5s, wild laughter + a room full of supportive hopefuls
  • Healthy snacks + rad music
  • Swag bag stuffed with goodies
  • A post-BE Facebook Group, so you can keep the good times rollin’
  • A sisterhood
  • A movement
Allie LeFevere
For more information regarding the event, please contact Allie at allie@allielefevere.com


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