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Project Two, the Attic. Done.

Project Two, the Attic.  Done.
Steve is never permitted to skeedaddle to Florida until all the Christmas stuff is in the attic.  This year he got lucky:  it was cold the week before he left, and so despite his OCD need to have things in order, he tossed the crates and foliage into the opening at the top of the... Read more »

Project One: Done. A Gallery.

Project One: Done. A Gallery.
When Steve is away, I choose a random task to complete. Why? To delude myself that I am efficient and useful in his absence.  Steve has suggested that I teach myself to cook.  The kitchen is for reading the newspaper. Silly Man. Last year I did my “This is Your Life, Dahl Boys” project.  The... Read more »

Rear View: last year's ambitious project

Steve is attached to the lucky mirror- he records his weight on it everyday in dry erase marker.  The door with hooks is to the bedroom, the other is the closet.
I wrote a post last week about my ADD home remodeling, and here are the before and after shots.  I end up spending more than I need to because I re-use stuff, but I cannot pitch out good cabinetry.  This stuff was Wood Mode, and it was in great shape.  The result is that the... Read more »

Projects and Solitude-part 1.

Projects and Solitude-part 1.
Last year Steve went South to Florida after a stint at White Sox Fantasy Camp.  This year, his fantasy was to get into the sun without having to chase fly balls.  He has been in Florida for a week.  I am not sure if this makes me the best wife or the dumbest.  We are... Read more »