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The End of My Glittering World

The End of My Glittering World
Steve has symbolically announced the end of the holiday.  He brought the last Kirschbaum’s Christmas Tree Coffee Cake up from the freezer. This is the pastry that called his name at 6AM on the Saturday before Christmas.  I thought it was a dream:  Steve lumbering out of bed, dressing, and heading to the bakery.  He... Read more »

Parting. Just Sorrow. Not Sweet.

Parting. Just Sorrow.  Not Sweet.
This is a personal rumination, and it is self indulgent.  Sorry. But I am so sad. Mad. I was chosen to be a Village of Western Springs trustee for a 4 year term.  It was an honor, and a task, and it brought me into a circle of spectacularly talented and dedicated neighbors.  Every commission... Read more »


My roots are Catholic. Easter vacation meant freedom from school for a glorious week.  Before obtaining liberty, there were stations of the cross, Holy Thursday services, and Good Friday rituals.  There was quiet time on Friday if we did not attend services.  For a few years, Mom tried to get us to kneel for three... Read more »

Come on in! Phase 3.

Mom and Dad gave this to us years ago.  Poor Mr. Cow has lost an ear, but he still warms Baby Jesus with his good ear showing.  Just a ring of Garland, lights and some floral stems with sparkley snow.  The reason for the season, As we say.
Welcome to my Christmas home.  Pretend you are on a housewalk, and I will guide you! My house has a really typical floorplan, and it is old enough that it is not open in style- a good thing as I am not a star housekeeper, and this way one room in disarray does not make... Read more »