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On Fathers, Daughters and Blessings

My Father’s soft edges came later in his life.  Early on, with six kids in a smallish home, an iron fist and intractable expectations were required.  He wasn’t a yeller, or really a spanker, but those possibilities were sufficiently possible that we behaved like model prisoners.  Dad had a handful of parental obligations.   He... Read more »

A Year

I am in the waning days of bachelorette life.  To that end, I went to bed last night with a bowl of popcorn and a giant oversized Vernors Diet gingerale with crushed ice.  I crunched and slurped to my heart’s content while viewing American Idol in warp speed, and a grab bag of previously taped... Read more »

To those who serve, Thank You

Today we honor those who have blessed our country with their service.  Some have made the ultimate sacrifice, but all have placed themselves second, after country.  The military life is inherently one of discipline and self denial.  Some see horrors, and some simply apply themselves to the grinding needs of a massive nation, flawed but... Read more »