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Love, Overstuffed

Now we celebrate. Today is the birthday of my intrepid husband, with whom I have navigated the last 36 years.  The first time I celebrated his birthday we lived in Royal Oak, in a small townhome we called the Slumdominium.  I was in law school at night, teaching middle school English during the day.  He... Read more »

A tidbit of Grinch, and an antidote

I have procured the provisions for the Dahlgiving on Saturday, to celebrate Steve’s birthday. I hit up Trader Joe’s for the brined bird, 19#, pre-made gravy, potatoes, and stuffing makings.  Somehow Trader Jo-Jo’s vanilla sandwich cookies and peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies,  leapt into my cart, along with shortbread cookies with chocolate sea caramel toppings. I... Read more »

Full Speed Ahead

Tis may not be the way to do it, though.....
As evidenced by my attention deficit to the written word, holidays are ON.  As yet, no tree has made an appearance, but that is because I detoured to do a thorough pre-cleaning of my sunroom in anticipation of my holographic tree.  Sure, it’s sacrilegious- not only NOT real, NOT green.  I used the nice weather... Read more »