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Love, Overstuffed

Now we celebrate. Today is the birthday of my intrepid husband, with whom I have navigated the last 36 years.  The first time I celebrated his birthday we lived in Royal Oak, in a small townhome we called the Slumdominium.  I was in law school at night, teaching middle school English during the day.  He... Read more »

Odds and Ends

1.  The Chicago Now Blog is shifting from Movable Type to Word Press.  I have been practicing, but I am not the most techno-wise.  So you will see a change in the appearance of this space in the next few weeks, and if I do my homework, the shift should be seamless.  I am a... Read more »

Looking back...

The week since the wedding evaporated without any details from me except about my crafting.  I apologize.  After a year of planning, previewing, looking forward- the vacuum is enormous.  I wanted to give details, but I didn’t have good pictures to illustrate the days with.  Plus, I just wanted to marinate in the joy that... Read more »

Thoughts after the wedding

  We have been anticipating the wedding of Mike and Kathryn for more than a year.   For weeks we have chased last minute details.  The phone has hummed with Mike to Mom questions, or Mom to Mike instructions.  We have buzzed with activity, and now there is an eerie silence.  The wedding weekend has... Read more »