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Sorry again

I have been attending to a zillion things. Tonight I will attend the premiere of 17 Seconds, the story of the Blackhawk’s 2013 season.  My son Patrick is part of a Wirtz start up, Banner Collective, and they have unprecedented access to the team.  They were in the wings to capture many moments on the... Read more »

Bullet Points- Janter on steroids

Bullet Points- Janter on steroids
No- the headline Bullet Points  wasn’t an unintentional yet pervasively unfortunate headline, a la Fright 212, via the Sun Times. ( On Sunday? Really?  Who is editing over there, robots?)  I am not going to to parse the shooting gallery that is Chicago.  When the police Commish is patting himself on the back, who am... Read more »

The afterglow

My heart has returned to its normal rhythm.  Blackhawks, thank you for saving me from another night of terror and palpitations.  Also, thank you for giving this city a taste of excellence and discipline.  Thank you for painting the town red, decorating our monuments, expanding our dreams.  Thank you for your bruises and your lost... Read more »