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Touch and Go

Touch and Go
In his crazy-eights youth, Steve would toss off his marital status as “separated- Janet’s in the suburbs, and I am in Chicago.”  Ha Ha. Fast forward 30 odd years, and that joke becomes our truth. Except that he is in Pompano Beach, and I am in Chicago. With strategic blending. This is a blending week,... Read more »

Sleepless in Sunshine

First- I apologize for the austerity of my blogging. My I pad will not load images, and so I will show you my world on another day. Today I will take you to Janet’s Planet with mere words. I have not slept well in Florida. Can it be that I require the snuffling and wheezing... Read more »

Let the Sunshine In

My first flight with a metal knee resulted in a pat down. It was nothing after physical therapy! I have run away from home, bootstrapping myself to Steve’s return to Pompano Beach.  I love being in this very unfashionable, sturdy part of Florida.  My Grandpa and Grandma came here in the winter, attracting winter visits... Read more »