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Crafting Madness

My Mom and Dad, circa 1947.  Forever together!
This is just a “make good” posting.  I had promised that I would post pictures of the “sisters’ projects” from our annual meet-ups in New Buffalo.  Before I start to blather on about holidays/birthdays and so on, I figured I’d best follow through.  Of late, my attention span is pretty ramshackle.  But here are some... Read more »

Family Circles

The six Joliat kids form a tight circle, but the four girls tighten it even more- into a knot of sorts. We all have different rhythms and responsibilities, but at heart we are one for all, all for one.  Each autumn we try to migrate to New Buffalo for a retreat of sorts- time to... Read more »

A Hardy Mum

My Mom died 12 years ago, and Sunday was almost a carbon copy of the day Steve received the call- crisp and sunny.  He tracked me down and shared the news, and then he went about the kind work of helping me get ready to say goodbye.  I was blessed in my Mother, and I... Read more »

Not much was happening....

I remember when I was young, and multitasking was second nature for me.  I could juggle babies, housekeeping, law school, a crazy husband and a whole house makeover with no difficulty.  There was a year when I had a child, managed two others, rehabbed a home to sell and move, moved, redecorated every inch, bought... Read more »

Sisters' Weekend

I am typing this for a delayed posting, since I am off to Michigan for colors and sisters.  Judy and I are in Chicago, Marie and Jennifer are in Detroit.   We will meet in New Buffalo (not halfway, but a tradition) this weekend for our annual get together.  We failed to merge last Autumn,... Read more »