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Back to Reality

OK. What the hell happened to the holidays? What the hell happened to me during the holidays? There was only a twenty- six day window for merriment after we carved the turkey, and I allowed it to evaporate. That is not like me. Steve’s dad was in residence for an extended stay: November 26-December 28.... Read more »

Love, Overstuffed

Now we celebrate. Today is the birthday of my intrepid husband, with whom I have navigated the last 36 years.  The first time I celebrated his birthday we lived in Royal Oak, in a small townhome we called the Slumdominium.  I was in law school at night, teaching middle school English during the day.  He... Read more »

Home Stretching

Home Stretching
The holiday is coming together. Steve’s Dad,  Roger,  has ventured to the midland, forsaking the decorated palm trees of LA for Janet’s snow globe.  It is his second difficult season in a row- last year, adapting to life without Carol, and this year, freshly shaken after discovering his youngest son, and his housemate, Rick dead.... Read more »