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Looking back...

The week since the wedding evaporated without any details from me except about my crafting.  I apologize.  After a year of planning, previewing, looking forward- the vacuum is enormous.  I wanted to give details, but I didn’t have good pictures to illustrate the days with.  Plus, I just wanted to marinate in the joy that... Read more »

The week

I have returned from a flash trip to Michigan- ostensibly to clean the carpeting which was showing the history of every dog in the extended family.  It was a tiny slice of oblivion before the punch list week before the wedding. I managed to see shooting stars compliments of the Perseid Meteor Showers, eat at... Read more »

Counting Down

Sorry for the bad edit- I had to obscure some stuff.  We are counting down the days until Kathryn and Mike’s wedding.  How could months turn to weeks, and weeks to days? Mike is the fidgety type, worrying and not sleeping well, so my job is to do whatever I can to calm him.  I... Read more »