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And Jackson makes three….

There is a special resonance to the moment when your baby becomes a parent. I have been in the afterglow of that since October 24th.  Matthew and Justine’s little boy, Jackson, popped in a week early and ready to change all our lives forever. He was tiny: 6-10, 18.5 inches, and beautiful.  Hair: blondish. Eyes:... Read more »

I DO have 3 boys, after all

My son Matthew has the beating heart of an artist- and I DO mean beating, as his principal instrument is the drums.  While at DePaul, he actively campaigned to sit in on any musician’s sessions, or fill in.  His proffers, posted on the bulletin boards in the music building were consistently ignored.  He was not... Read more »

Ups and Downs

I have been remiss in posting; it has been a big week-a roller coaster week.  I had a birthday Monday, with Rachel had a birthday on Thursday, and we had planned a family fest at Carnivale for Thursday night.  I have always wanted to eat there, and it did not disappoint.  The food was beautiful... Read more »

Home Again- Chatter that does not Matter

I am home from Michigan- I have a Village Board meeting, and so I dragged Steve back with me just as the sun returned to Harbor Country. My timing is impeccable. He worked on wiring the studio for his podcast, (starting September 8th) and now he is hitting golf balls on a closed course, so... Read more »